Betting on Indian Summer

Betting on Indian Summer

The Vegan Vine Sauvignon Blanc (5)
$49.99 $̶8̶5̶.̶0̶0̶ 41% off List Price
2010 The Vegan Vine Sauvignon Blanc, Central Coast

Chateau d’Abalone Viognier (2)
$48.99 $̶8̶8̶.̶0̶0̶ 44% off List Price
2012 Chateau d’Abalone Viognier, Paso Robles

Woot Cellars F-Bomb Riesling Blend (6)
$59.99 $̶1̶,̶0̶1̶7̶.̶0̶0̶ 94% off List Price
2012 Woot Cellars F-Bomb 2012 Riesling Blend

Wellington Mixed Summer Whites (12)
$129.99 $̶2̶3̶0̶.̶0̶0̶ 43% off List Price
2010 Chardonnay, Sonoma Valley
2010 Roussanne, Sonoma County
2011 Sauvignon Blanc, Sonoma Valley
2012 The Duchess, Sonoma Valley White Wine

Calstar Sangiacomo Sonoma Chardonnay (3)
$59.99 $̶1̶1̶8̶.̶0̶0̶ 49% off List Price
2009 Chardonnay, Sangiacomo Vineyards

The Wellington Whites I got on the last woot+ deal were easily some of the best I have ever had. Only comparison I have is the Esoterica Sauv Blanc that Kent had on here ages ago. Going to have to talk to SWMBO and see how many cases are too many.

Great stuff!

The Chateau d’Abalone is gorgeous.
The Wellington is a great mix.
And Clos LaChance, sustainably.
And a rose’ for the main event.

This is a horrible day for my credit card. No wait, this is a horrible day for my bank account next month… and a wonderful day for my credit card company.

Quick tasting notes on Calstar Cellars Sangiacomo CH. First it is made from a vineyard on the North side of Petaluma Gap, so much cooler than Carneros. Second, from the same block that Tandem, now LaFollette sources their fruit.

Al that said it is drinking beautifully now and will age for a year or more. Fresh apples on the nose, silky mid-palate with slight smokiness and great finish. A deal at $35 and a steal @ $20.

Welcome Calstar, and thanks for the notes.
Hoping you can identify yourself from the winery and your function; sales/marketing, winemaker, or…?

That would be winemaker/proprietor Rick Davis.

Owner, winemaker, chief cook and bottle washer.

What makes the F Bomb wine such an expensive retail price? I can’t find anything online to support it?

I believe that’s what we call a joke.

It’s not a very good one. People rely on the discount percentage, which is now distorted at 94%.

Maybe you shouldn’t purchase at woot then. Woot has always relied on a heavy dose of humor and sarcasm in the selling of its products. If you can’t realize the $1,017 list price is a joke, you need to lighten up. There is no actual “retail price” for Woot Cellars offerings, because they aren’t available anywhere else, period.

I never said I didn’t realize $1017 is a joke. I’d rather learn the retail price if there is one. In this case there isn’t, so that’s fine.

good wine

I agree with North316. Nothing in the price suggests a joke as it is quite ordinary almost expected that exceptional wine costs about 1000 dollars a case.
And as Woot sales other high quality Items (not all of them), the joke is not that clever or funny.

Then you disagree with North. North said everyone should calm down. And I agree with North.

Had to get the Woot cellars… LOVE, LOVE LOVE this!!! plus with it being at such a discount… how could I not re purchase? :tongue:

You got fooled Kyle…he was agreeing with me by continuing with sarcasm.

Shipping to New York Now? What’s up?

Is this discussion really happening?