Beverage Dispensers: Drink up

Plastic or metal spigot?

Notice all of these have plastic spigots. Plastic spigots are awful. And they get damaged by alcohol if you use them with that. And are just generally not very durable. The ‘chrome plated’ plastic is even worse, because you’ll very quickly have metallic flakes coming off it into your drinks.

Metal is not so good for fermented beverages and drinks with higher acidity, either. Also, it is my understanding that you can find replacement spigots out there, too …

Maybe I don’t quite get it, but why wouldn’t they put the spigots at the actual bottom of the container instead of a few inches up? If my friends have to tilt one of these big ol’ crystal things over to get the last drink out of it, I will soon have a large pile of glass shards on my floor.

I’ve always figured it had to do with the glass being thicker near the base of the glass (the fold). Probably makes it a prime candidate for breakage while drilling the hole and for accidentally bumping it when you are setting it down on the table.

Hey I completely accidentally bought one of these five minutes because I wasn’t used to the new shopping cart thingy. Can anyone point me in the right direction in getting it fixed.

Please email for assistance. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service.