Beverage Dispensers: Rich Man, Pour Man

if someone could invent a beverage dispenser that had the spigot at the very bottom, so all the liquid could be poured out without having to tilt the dispenser, they’d be a gazillionaire.

any info on if the spigots come out for cleaning?

If you look at the close ups of the pictures you can see a hex nut. I 90% sure they are removable

I am in need of exactly this for our Christmas party, and you almost had me. Then I found out Amazon has is for $32, free prime shipping. Bad Woot. Bad, bad Woot. Now, put those cuisinart soft serve ice cream machine back up for $40 or less and you caan be good again.

I believe you owe Adam Corolla a royalty check for your title for this woot plus.



A Corolla is a Toyota.

Adam spells his name, CArolla.


The reason they don’t do this is that it allows pulp and other stuff to settle at the bottom but not stop up the spigot.

FYI: Amazon has increased their free shipping minimum to $35 so this no longer qualifies. Shipping to me was $13.24. With tax, the total came to $48.97.

Isn’t that why you’d put rocks or pebbles or marbles in it? So you could filter out those issues without them getting to the spigot but still allowing you to drain every last drop.

I was going to purchase a few of these for infusing vodka but none are large enough.

With amazon prime, 2 day shipping is free on this item. Don’t most people who do online shopping frequently have Amazon Prime?