Beverage Dispensers

I look at all of these jugs and can’t help but think they are a bad design because they leave an inch or more of liquid that can’t be dispensed.

Am I a nerd?

Are all the spigots made of plastic?

I’m curious about the materials as well.

edit: never mind. I did some googling and learned that the spigots on them are plastic.
That’s actually an important detail to give us, woot.

Overstock has these for $44.09 and says the original price is $48.99.

Has anyone seen beverage dispensers with a metal spigot? I’m almost to the point of giving up finding one and just buying a dispenser I like and replacing the spigot.

I’ve never bought from here but they list metal spigots:

I have one of these dispensers that I leave in the fridge. Easier for the kids than lifting a gallon jug. Mine has a plastic spigot and I have had no problems. We have been using ours over a year now.

Cost Plus World Market sells some with metal spigots. I saw one there a few weeks ago for $19.99.

No. I’ve had these and it drives me crazy that big gap at the bottom.

Fun Tip: Don’t try to solve this problem by filling with water to the spigot, then freezing. There’s a pretty good chance the glass will break at some point in the process. :frowning:

I’m wondering if I could convert one of these beverage dispensers into an absinthe fountain.

with the right amount of determination you can make anything into an Absinthe fountain!

From the vendor - All of our spigots are acrylic.

Thanks for asking

Yeah, avoid these acrylic spigots. The “chrome” for them will come off into your drinks after some use. (Speaking from experiences with other vendors/models.) Plastic spigots themselves are fine, but the “chrome” foil stuff they put on these comes off in flecks.

You could put stones (Whiskey or otherwise) in the bottom to displace that volume.

I thought about that, too. Thanks for reminding me. :slight_smile:

Does anyone know of anywhere to buy a good replacement spigot for one of these things? Or, at least, a cheap one? We have a dispenser similar to this, but while tightening the spigot, it snapped in half. I bought a plastic replacement from Amazon, but the 1/4" size they gave didn’t factor in the threads and it wouldn’t fit my dispenser. I can’t seem to find a good place to buy either one good dispenser or a few cheap ones that actually fit.

Does anyone else notice that the dual beverage dispensers aren’t seated properly into the stand? It doesn’t look like there’s enough room for each dispenser to clear so it will sit properly…

That is the only thing that is holding me back from buying it. Every pic on the web is the exact same one, and i can’t seem to find reviews. otherwise, i wanted to get it for my kids’ lemonade stand in the summer. BUMMER!

Can’t we all spell C-R-A-P?