Beware Of Cryirony.

You know that old saying about “beware of what you wish for unless it’s at least 10 million dollars which is enough to let you live off the interest?”
Well I guess I have learned my lesson. For many years of woot off’s of how I wanted a a Bog Of Crocodiles, or a Basket Of Balloons, or even a Box Of Carp. I wanted one like that time many years ago now when I ate a box of semi-sweet chocolate due to bad weather and the calendar.
Last time I WON. Yup, I got my B.O.C. at last!!!
It arrived yesterday. Well, here’s the thing. Because of this condition that I was born with, I can’t have kids, which I really wanted, and by the time I pulled my head out of…the sand I realized I was not so young anymore and that the “Woman, go to college! Go to Grad School, then when you realize you are fit for nothing, go to law school or something and then when you have saved money, have some nice kids.” well, that’s a bunch of garbage!! It simply doesn’t work like that. So what does that have to do with the long desired BOC? Inside I found: two bottle nipples for some kind of specific baby bottle, a toy for a 6mo. old, a “light up bug you throw from hand to hand” ages 8+, One useful glass screen cover set…that kinda will fit my iPhone, Some stickers thing- again for children, One Very useful Green WOOT bag, good sized, so I can use it for shopping AND GIVE WOOT FREE ADVERTISING TOO, whoo!, a twofer! A Woot coaster made of cardboard, (see previous entry). And lest I forget, a Raspberry Pi mini- no regular sized card for something. Luckily I have a friend who loves her pi so I can send it on!
But I brought everything all wrapped up to the Soup Kitchen today and they promise that they will hand them out when they have Mom and age appropriate kid in the place (w/o any other kids)! So hey, that’s good! And it’s cured me of the desire for a BOC forevermore.
Not that I will stop trying of course, I am just bummed that basically everything was for babies or kids-I can see one or two but everything? I felt like I was unintentionally being punched in the stomach. This is the fate of a woman over 50 who really really jump up and down wants to win a BOC. Since 2016. :rofl::exploding_head::joy::black_joker::free::womens:


You should have posted your BOC, with pictures, at the latest ‘post your MM YYYY crap here’ thread.


You’re right! I think I was just so upset/annoyed I just didn’t think of it.
I’ll see if my friend took a picture of at least some of the crap!

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