Beware The Octopuss

Octo-pus or octo-meow

Congrats, Fable! Doubling a cat’s leg count doubled their cuteness level too!

OMG. Is it too much to ask for someone to design a Derby shirt that doesn’t use any of the same tired ideas:

cats/kittens, Star Wars, Star Trek, Ninjas, super heroes, Dr. Who, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Pokemon, Hunger Games, Big Bang Theory, and repeating, NO DAMN CATS.

Y’all have beaten all of these to death. Knock it off.


OH EM GEE. Big thanks to everyone who voted! :smiley:

We have a three legged cat. We call it “Tripod”… Maybe “Octopuss” is not such a bad name after all.

Lewis Carroll would be proud…

Don’t blame the artists for drawing designs that Wooters want; we’re years past this argument already.

Cats are popular because this is the Internet; yet, as much as it’s joked about here, less than 10% are catshirts. Furr reals. These are all the shirts in the shirt.woot catalog without a cat. Over 90%. Cat-free.

Now go vote for next week’s designs.

how do the folks at GitHub feel about this one? :stuck_out_tongue:

Nine lives, eight legs, seven swans a-swimming…

I guess I’ll call my Hemingway cat - sextopus instead of Chester. Twelve up front, eight in the back. That kitty can shred.

Congrats fable, I thought this was a particularly tough week. Very competitive derby!


I check out the comments on the daily shirts mainly to see what the people will complain about.

Last week, Walmazan’s design was called racist.


This is totally tame compared to the days of yore, though. @ThunderThighs kept a battle helmet handy every time a @ramyb design was submitted and/or printed.