Bewitched or Charmed

Couldn’t be.

Maybe that cat was using my phone.

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Just exited the vop, had to give up yet again. Crap crappy crap crap crap crappy crap crap crap…


Today’s not my day. I’m over this Woot Off

To my fellow wooters- you have one fewer person to compete with for your chance at a BOC

As always, SEE CHART

Now come OOOOONNNNN, scaffolding!

Yeah. That’s how long it’s been.

Was that it? Getting late.

My Crap has arrived!
1 neon green Under Armour shirt, med
1 Confidential Crap bag
1 Crayola water color paint set
2 whistles
2 bags of 5 wine stoppers (blue)
1 shopping bag handle
1 pack of 2 storage containers
1 Shea + Shade lip balm
2 collapsible silicone things (no idea)
2 silicone garlic peepers (blue)
Some kinda squeeze thin with wooden handles (no idea)
A sharp blade thing (no idea)
1 power drive belt (I think it’s for a conveyor repair)
1 pack of floss threader?
1 iPhone headphone splitter
1 pair of amazon commercial gloves
A woot monkey decal
A very large black leather dog collar

And 1 opened box of staples strewn throughout the box

Not to bad.


The wooding handled thing looks a lot like the device I have to remove frames from a bee hive.

Remember to post in the main thread where everyone is sharing:

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