Bewitchin' Kitchen

Lots of returning favorites - hey, it’s the Houdini wine set! I can recommend that, at least. :slight_smile:

“Lightweight and durable material”, really, that’s the first time I’ve heard granite described as lightweight.

I am curious - doesn’t look like it has 4 legs. It looks like it would tip while grinding, and we know that’s a bad thing.

Picked up the avocado knife and smasher set. Not really because I need it or because it looks useful. But to laugh as anyone comes over and I force them to use the knife to cut their food… evil giggle

I got this another time and no, it won’t tip. It’s as heavy as…well, granite. A little hard to store, though, being both heavy and fairly large.

can you elaborate a bit more on the houdini set? i’m thinking of getting one but haven’t climbed over the fence yet…

Sure thing! I’ve got the set in plum.

Vertical Houdini Corkscrew
This is where I shamefully admit I’m a bit of a weakling and honestly needed something like this. I like it because it is fast (push down/up/bam), works on any cork I’ve encountered, and is generally very handy so you can get to the important part, which is drinking the wine.

Houdini Wine Shower
I haven’t used this yet actually.

Wine & Beverage Sealer
This is very handy for me, because unless I’ve got company it’s tough to drink a whole bottle of anything all in one go. It works just as advertised, stuff stays well.

Foil Cutter & Extra Spiral for Corkscrew
If it’s possible to cut myself on this, I haven’t yet (I can cut myself on just about anything), and everything has foil. Also, it’s nice to have an extra corkscrew spiral.

At this price, I’m seriously considering picking up a couple for house/apartment warming presents.

your persuasive skills are outstanding. IN FOR ONE! (or two >.>)

Excellent! Hope you find it as useful. Continuing the helpful trend -

In this thread, staffer arismella also jumps in to join me and talk about the 7" frying pans.

To continue the consensus from previous woots (and personal experience), the Kuhn Rikon jar opener is awesome for arthritis sufferers, and those with Hercules family members that tighten jars to a point of no return.
The can opener gets mixed reviews, but the jar opener itself is worth the price. The can opener is a bonus, and if you don’t like it… You can pass it on.

I’ve got the can opener/jar opener set, and so far, haven’t used the jar opener. Can opener works just fine!

I’ve also got the knife set, (well, zebra print) and, well, watch out! Those blades are SHARP! (In the woodworking trade, we’d call them “scary sharp.”)

I may get another set, and the mortar set.


A note for the jar opener/can opener set-- if you get the red, don’t expect them to both be the same shade of red. They’re not. One is a true bright red, one is very dark maroon. They don’t look like a matching set at all, if that’s important to you.

The black were the same as each other. I don’t know about the other colors.

I haven’t used the can opener, but the lid opener is great.

got the giraffe knife set last time (for less $) and it’s super sharp and very handy. even the little cleaver is useful… nice for slicing limes, tomatoes, chopping herbs, small jobs. But it’s really, really ugly.I dont mind the pattern as much as i had expected i would, but the color is bleh. i prefer my giraffes more orangey, this is beige/tan and pretty boring. then again, who’s looking?

Have the avocado tools, and really like them - very effective on avocados, and useful for other things (I used the knife on a very ripe canteloupe and it worked quite well to scoop out the flesh). I would imagine that you could use the masher for other types of soft-ish foods as well.

Have the molcajete, as well, but haven’t had the time to work with it yet. It is large and very heavy, so no worries about it flipping over. Here is a nice description of the seasoning process for the molcajete:

And I have the Houdini set. I find the cork puller handy, extremely simple to use and very effective. The foil cutter is pretty much foolproof (and klutz-proof). Since I amnot much of a real wine “Connoisseur” (I just enjoy drinking stuff I like :)) I’m not sure how effective the wine shower thingie (that’s a technical term, btw) is, but I have tried it, and it sure is pretty to watch reds shower through it. :slight_smile:

Those is my tuppence. Hope they are helpful to someone.

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I have the cute pink grilled cheese pan. Mind you I am a college student and a single mother so this thing gets used a lot in my house. I even make the kids scrambled eggs on it. It is super lightweight and clean-up is quicker than spreading butter on bread. It is pretty much perfect.
I also got the wine set as a gift and they seem to love it. I don’t know the details besides everybody who drinks wine needs one.

Got the knife set, and the molcahete. (Google it.)


We just received the molcajete from a previous woot last saturday. Fastest I have ever gotten a smartpost package!

Seems pretty nice. The two pieces don’t completely match, so if that is important to you keep that in mind.

The mortar is the lower quality granite that looks more concreteish. The pestle for ours looks to be milled out of scrap, counter quality granite.

Doesn’t matter to me. Very study.

Already smoothed and tested with a few dried cayenne peppers. Now just gotta wait for the avacado to ripen.

I do recommend!