Beyond Smart Bread Maker

Woot Off-
TV Speakers, TV Cables, RC Car, Coffee Maker, LCD Monitor, DigiCam, Treat Maker, Portable DVD Player, Home DVD Player, Video Card, Bread Maker…

didnt someone call this?

Did ne1 else see the sneak peek of this? It showed up, but then went back to the vid card. And now here it is.

I thought I saw this on a refresh while the 6600 video card was wooting. Hah :smiley:

Someone buy all of these so we can get to the next woot!

Has there ever been just one of an item?

Yeah I did. I saw it on the site for a brief second, though for $49.99

On a sidenote: WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!

A breadmaker with a frikin barcode scanner AND network functionality? ROFL~!

I wooted this the last time around and I absolutely love it! You can bake bread, cinnamon rolls, cakes, anything in this thing. Did a lot of experimenting and love love love it :slight_smile:

129.99 on Froogle

Ok, woot is sloooooowww tonight, and I can’t get the forums to load very well, so I’ll just ask instead of trying to find it myself… Does anybody happen to have a link to the “woot checker” page that was posted sometime during the november woot-off? I have it in my favorites at work, but I can’t get to that right now as I am at home… If anybody has it I’d appreciate getting it… :slight_smile:

Also anybody else notice the low quantity woots tonight?

How do you know??

I know that this is a wonderful unit and makes great bread, plus it will match your stainless steel kitchen.

But there is a wall of breadmakers at the thrift for $5-$10 each. I wonder why.

from the sales and the amt left it looks like they have over 50, im ballparking 70, might be awhile

so does anyone else have a really nast hacking cough these days? im wonderin if i should stick with the severe cold or upgrade to an expecterant, someone told me expecterants dont REALLY work(med undergrad) which doesnt make any sense, comments?

I wonder if woot! ever considered putting their forums message boards on a different domain and servers than the actual product sale. Maybe that would reduce the time outs when trying to buy something at the same time the first pagers are trying to post.

its a woot-off… usually low quantities on woot-offs because they are mostly leftover items from previous woots, besides if the quantities were too large we’d have to wait 12 hours to see the next item and then there would only be 2.

It amazes me people actually buy this crap.

Wait a minute… is selling these for $150 on sale right now.

Not so amazing now…

95% left with 3 sold

60 then (20 x 3)

It’s an even better deal now!! It’s $10 bucks cheaper than when I got it =( I already made 2 loaves with mine! First time ever to make bread definately will be making more! Anyone have this know of any good recipes?

OK, I got one. If I’m gonna stay up this late, I want something to show for it, dammit! Don’t know what the hell I’m gonna do with a bar code thingy, but I have been wanting a bread machine.

How long do these woot-offs go? I’d like to get to bed before it’s time to get up.

I think it’s the fact that you will get over your cold in the same amount of time if you take medicine or not. The medicine does something; it just doesn’t make you better any faster. Anyone, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong here.