Beyond Smart Bread Maker


Thursday, January 19, 2006


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Servin’ up some freshly baked quality posts:
[]p1, pinkcrayon thinks bread machines are for cat ladies. Is that a bad thing?
]p1, Sunbun says the iBread is coming.
[]p2, tollhouse32 warns that it isn’t iPod compatible.
]p2, has the spec sheet link for you.
[]p3, tiktan wonders, “any comment about that bread maker from previous wooter? is it any good?”.
]p4, molbioguy does some shopping around and uncovers the manual.
[]p4, Solonari discusses the benefits of different breads.
]p4, nrwalk muses on the fickleness of wooters.
[]p4, asaphz calls on us to “note a few things”.
]p4, SteveDallas links to Wal-Mart pages for this item and a similar one.
[]p5, ryepug “bought the Salton breadmaker as a gift for (his girlfriend’s) parents…it really works wonderfully and they couldn’t be more pleased”.
]p5, altern8 puts an eBay plagiarizer on notice.


Well, I guess no-one expected the Spanish inquisition!
Frankly, I have enough bread, I don’t knead any more.
I crack me up.


if i didnt read the title…wow

i thought it was a laser printer and got excited…upon further inspection…noopeee…a bread maker…great.


one is enough, but we do love it


Anybody know if this is any good?


Not a great deal… too much dough…


This thing is bigger than my desktop… ill pass


First first page!!! I want a BOC :(<br /><b>(USER WAS PUT ON PROBATION FOR THIS POST)</b><br /><b>(USER WAS PUT ON PROBATION FOR THIS POST)</b>


I don’t have the bread for this one.


SWEET… thisll definitely make me some dough.


To buy or not to buy??? That is the question…

Hell no I don’t need no breadmaker…Come on w00t, we’re all a bunch of gadget freaks out here who don’t know how to cook…why would we need a breadmaker? To knead something other than bread? lol

night all!

Price - Beyond Smart Bread Maker

  • $5 shipping


I waited up for a bread maker.

Im not a 46 year old women with 15 cats.



you were on such a good start woot. sigh.


another kitchen product! gah, not terribly woot tackluar, hey woot, sell a couch!


sweet woot!

ill take 3!


Any reviews?


hmm…this might actually be a good buy. I’ll have to check out some other makers first.


Bread Maker?

Are you serious? I could easily see myself getting a yeast infection from this thing!
(I am sooooo sorry for that comment)


This’ll go GREAT with the peanut butter I just bought!