Beyond Smart Mill & Brew Coffee Maker



Beyond Smart Mill & Brew Coffee Maker
$49.99+ $5 shipping

1 Beyond WBYCM2 Smart Mill & Brew Coffee Maker


Froogle says $75


I have one of these…

They are amazing. Best tasting coffee, and great grinding feature… It has been a hit with everyone who has seen it.


Is it a burr grinder or a spinning blade grinder, cause I already gots me a spinning blade!


Meh…$55 at comp-u-plus


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I got this the first time it came around - it is a fantastic coffee machine. Noisy, but it brews a good cup and the clean up is a cinch. Haven’t tried the SANI though.


I live an hour from Seattle, WA…do you think I don’t own a coffee maker YET?!! There are RULES people…in the Northwest, ya drink fancy/scamncy coffee, and ya better own a yuppie-approved contraption to cook it up in…or, you’re OUTTA here…


$75.00 0n Froggle

#11] large pic


Just an FYI, the BSM&B is made by Toastmaster (call the 800 number and you’ll see). The mill & brew coffee maker has been discontinued although you can still get one at CompUServe in NY for $46 not including the $17 s/h fee, thats the ONLY place I could find one. Personally I loved my Melitta M&B until my dog ate part of it (the lid for the grinder basket) and was told that I couldn’t purchase that part when I call the manufacturer. Well, low and behold, when I just called to find out about the BSM&B, the guy on the phone tells me I should get a Melitta instead (which is also very elusive and I couldn’t find one anywhere). When I told him my dog ate part of mine, he asks “which part” and when I told him, he said he could get it for me for $5 plus tax (no s/h fee!). OK, I’m confused as to how HE can get me this part but so happy that he CAN, I don’t ask any questions…just send me that part!! Its a GOOD DAY :)!!