You misspelled “Friends.”



heh nice. if i drank beer id be all over it.


Bear Friends Forever?



haha, slightly creepy, the mug just sitting there makes no sense!


condition: Adorable
product(s): 1 Asphalt Woot Tee (4465)

A bit lame as in this may encourage others to mix common acronymns with cute things to get a free design ride


i find this shirt to be…too cute…and i’m a girl…lol


Looks like one of those Shoebox greeting cards… only bears playing the accordion together with a mug sitting on the ground… yeah, great shirt… maybe for a 5 year old… on second thought, not even.


It’s cute.
Not cute enough to buy though.


It’s a cute shirt.

But I’m an adult.


Was this meant to be no pun intended too?

I strive to find a shirt as great as my green screaming monkey woot shirt and fail again.


wow, I guess good shirts are a “NO” unless it’s a holiday. Who ever is making these terrible shirts, please run at the nearest sharpest obtrusion you can find, thank you.


Still not big enough though


my pet bear olack would absolutely love this shirt by the way! too bad he must leave in two days and with your shipping times it will never make it…even though he has the 5 bucks for “overnight” shipping! tough break woot…guess you better reinvent the wheel or something! i can do this all night…i have nothing better to do when i am drunk!


My mom checks this site everyday. She never buys though. She will LOVE this shirt. I’m getting her one for Christmas. Thank You Shirt.Woot!


“Cute” or not…I bought one for me and one for my best drinking buddy f(and I bought them on the small side.) Dollars to doughnuts we drink free all night thanks to a cute graphic, beer reference, and…um…tightly packaged boobs!


Hmmm Freinds…i comes before e except after x and c or something catchy like that…


Looks nice… beers, bears and an accordion. Works for me.


Perhaps you should request woot! start selling Jenny Craig subscriptions. That or get out of your parent’s basement and exercise a little. It only takes 30mins a day three days a week…i know that is considered your “personal love time” but dayum! j/k :slight_smile: