BFG 5700LE 256MB Overclocked AGP Video Card


[imgleft][/imgleft] Tuesday, September 27, 2005


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The card is overclocked by BFG at the factory and has a lifetime warranty from BFG - more info from BFG

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]johng333 again


IT’S WOOT TO BE BACK ™ - Back from vacay and looking forward to an awesome woot!

BFG 5700LE 256MB Overclocked AGP Video Card $59.99 + $5 shipping

WOW!! That’s cheap!!

Cheapest on Foogle is $95.

Click the www below for more great deals.


The guy above this post is lame right?

Anywho card is pretty sweet. Its just missing the dvi interface to be perfect.

If I only had the cash, I could use a 256meg card!

Not a bad woot to start the week


No thanks. I’ll stick with my run-of-the-mill ATI Radeon. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice price though for not too bad of a video card.

Froogle puts this card > $115.


It’s a 5700 - but great for the price. Can any wooters tel me about performance increases ? I’ll get it if i it can go faster than a fx5200?

And as always - stay away from peteromans11 site! because sig spam is lame!


Bought one. Thanx Woot!

[quote user=“sexytom976”]The guy above this post is lame right?


Lame isn’t descriptive enough.


Another Overclocked AGP Video Card at a really good price. Woots gonna get me on one of these someday…


I heard the FX5000 series sucks horribly, is that true?


Is that BFG or BFD?


Good to be back on American Soil!



… found answers…


like the change of pace, but need a better card


C’mon woot…Plasmas…mystery box…dvd burners…I hope you guys are done with all the re-woots…see ya in 24 WOOT OR DIE!!


ok, low range vcard.



Good brand, junk product. Save your money and buy vid cards from

Someday there will be a decent woot. maybe


i’m still waiting for the last vid card i ordered from woot. thanks though.


Bah! Pass! The one night I stay up and this… :o\


video cards agagin? how about some cheap xD memory…


noooo not another “overclocked” card. How about somthing a little more useful please.