BFG 6800 Overclocked 128MB AGP Video Card


[imgleft][/imgleft]Welcome to the BFG 6800 Overclocked 128MB AGP Video Card topic page for Sunday, September 18, 2005. Please post your questions, experiences, or pricing comments here.
Item qty: 260, Last Order: 1:49 PM CST, Wooter to blame: Rathbern
Order Pace: 3m 11.517s, Woot Wage: $2,819.41/hour.


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The card is overclocked by BFG at the factory and has a lifetime warranty from BFG

See how the standard 6800 does on Doom3 here:

Link to info on BFG’s site


Nice WOOT!!! Might have to seriously consider this one!

BFG 6800 Overclocked 128MB AGP Video Card $149.99 + $5 shipping

WOW!!! Lowest on pricegrabber is $249!

Lowest on Froogle is $245!!

This is a steal!!!

Here’s another steal!

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This is niiiice… Too bad I bought all those cards in the woot-offs

Cant say I really need another one right now…

The 256meg ones seem more popular.

Dont listen to the guy above, ebay has these versions for slightly better deals.


I might have to pick up 3 of these…

or not.

Who needs video cards anymore?


An AGP compliant motherboard. Some motherboards violate the AGP specification and therefore this card may not physically fit in some systems.

Hmmm. Gotta check mine out before ordering.


For the esoteric difference only a gaming nut woot claim to see.

Ah… wootever!


i didnt get to ship my two car subs i bought a while back cause the hurricane took off my room and they got all wet :frowning:


Good deal, don’t need a new graphics card though.


Nice woot Thanks woot!


nice card, but i am looking for a card under $30… i pass this one


Woot a waste of my time to have waited up for this!! Hope there are many of you that can benefit from this…oh to be offered something practical like a 61" TV or a single cup coffee maker!! Have fun wooting!


i like this… i might have to get it.

eta:just looked at the price. ouch


haha, are you SURE this is the best video card you can get at this price???





Has the card been altered? By who? Is there any stability issues I might have to look out for?


Where were you 3 months ago when I needed this???
Mac Daddy1 are you MIA???
We need a list today !!!


Not good, 128 Mb is too little. and it’s behind the 6800GT, ULTRA, 7800, 7800GT and 7800GTX…

Might be a good choice if this is the last upgrade you make before going for new cpu/mobo/ram/gpu a year or so from now.


Great woot but don’t need.

Comparable Prices

Compare those prices, great woot.


I have to pass… don’t have agp on my mobo, only pci-e


I have funds allocated towards other things!

Woot, howabout a wireless router soon! :wink: