BFG Asylum Ti4200 128MB 8x AGP Video Card


Welcome to the BFG Asylum Ti4200 page for this product on Wednesday, August 4th, 2004. Please post your questions, experiences, or pricing comments for the BFG Asylum Ti4200.


This card, being a bit on the “old” side has decent reviews. Its great for upgrading the ol’ gateway =P If you’re actually looking for this type of card, this is no doubt the cheapest I can find. A couple of these were recently purchased on eBay “used” for around $60 - $75. You can’t get much better than $49.99. Once again, woot you guys rock!

Nite guys!


first comment! i’m not sure how hot this price is, i better check pricewatch


Official Woot Price: $49.99

Is this better than a Radeon 9500 Pro?


Not bad for someone who doesn’t have a 9800 pro. A good card to throw in a cheap computer. Now, where are the deals on the x800 pro/XT or 6800 GT/Ultra? Can that be possible? Probably just bein greedy.


Finally, haha. This is a good deal.


think this will be there when i wake up so ill sleep on it


The FAQ says that new items are put up at 12 AM Central Standard Time. But, its 11PM CST or 12AM CDT. Maybe you need to set your clocks. :roll:


You can never be too sure


I think YOU need to set YOUR clock… the item went up at 12:00 A.M. CST. :roll:


this is a decent one, but not the best Ti4200 out there. But for the price, you can’t beat it. :slight_smile:

I have a MSI Ti4200 with better mem clock speed @ 513mhz stock and @ 621mhz stable Overclocked compared to this one is only rated @ 444mhz


was waiting for a wootish 6800u deal
o well…
let’s wait for another 24 hours


Cheapest Pricewatch price is $80, and woot’s price is similar to or cheaper than eBay


:smiley: I have an old computer so got me one


I’m guessing this is just an OEM card, correct? No software / cables etc… If this is retail, i’ll take one off your hands woot :slight_smile:


Unfortunately, I’ve got the ti4200 right now, though I sure paid a bunch more for it when it came out. Ah well, I needed to take a break from Doom3, anyway, before I have a heart attack.


This is a good card at a good price. I have been burned on a few Newegg refurb video cards so this “new” card is a great deal to me!


It is oem, but it comes with drivers. For all you comparers out there, this is the lowest price i found:
Newegg, $60 shipped, but it is refurbished. It also takes up 2 slots in your computer, while the asylum doesnt.
Core clock: 250
Mem clock: 444

Core clock: 275
Mem clock: 550

Also, I think newegg is downright the best place to buy and computer components ever.
Hope this helps


[quote]Ah well, I needed to take a break from Doom3, anyway, before I have a heart attack.[/quote]According to and a few interviews of developers, Doom 3 will apparently run on cards older than this one. Just a thought for those looking to scrape something together for the big day at the last moment.


Ahhh…now I see, they rolled out this deal in honor of all of the Doom hipe this Wednesday.