BFG FX5200 256mb Overclocked AGP Card


[imgleft][/imgleft] BFG FX5200 256mb Overclocked AGP Card - Saturday, November 05, 2005
Item qty: 540, Last Order: 1:22 AM CST, Wooter to blame: senorjt
Order Pace: 0m 9.139s, Woot Wage: $11,814.18/hour.


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[*]Mike6 gives a link to a detailed review of this card.



Meh … I DID just spend all my money on a Bag of crap…


Not more video card!

At least last night was worth staying up for.


there are days I wish I had a desktop. Seems like a good price for a 256mb card!


Too bad its not PCI-express. I would have liked a DVI input also. Oh well, night all.


Good deal, but i already got a BFG 6800 OC from woot earlier.


Hmm… I am sorely tempted by this woot… that is a lot of RAM on a fricking video card for the price.


How does this compare to the FX5700 LE from a few weeks ago?


Got the BFG 6600 PCIE card a few weeks ago…love it. Great deal for those who don’t have motherboards supporting PCIE yet!


Don’t buy this if you plan on playing HL2, it will run decent but it’ll run only in medium quality dx8 mode. I bought a ati 9600 pro from geeks the other day to replace my gf’s 5200.


Looks good to me… I wish I knew if my system had an AGP slot. Anyone care to do the research for my lazy arse? VCG-RA710G.




missed the crap…in for one…good price for 256…


To wake up the husband or not…will he kill me for waking him up or kill me for letting him miss out on this?


i may buy


I can draw my D&D images faster by hand… golly… AGP!

and who uses an intell anyways… golly…

pfff… check out these specs 9of my new comp)

4400x2 toledo Amd Athlon 64 bit
Dimond Radeon 800XL 256 mb
1 gb corsair DDR400 PC3200 memory
250 gb Serigate 7200rpm harddrive
36.7gb Wester Digital 10000rpm harddrive
Lite-On DVD/CR Writer

… pfff… should’ve gone for the 4 gb of memory and 24 pixel pipelines, but meh



This card DOES NOT rockj.

Save you money and wait for the X800 to get cheaper


Someone plays City of Heroes



Nice card; coulda used it two computers ago . . .


It is half the price of the best deal you could find… too bad I don’t need one…

Good night!