BFG FX5200 256MB Overclocked PCI Card


[imgleft][/imgleft] BFG FX5200 256MB Overclocked PCI Card - Sunday, November 20, 2005
Item qty: 300, Last Order: 12:21 AM CST, Wooter to blame: mjandj
Order Pace: 0m 4.241s, Woot Wage: $25,458.60/hour.


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Just because it’s got 256megs of ram, doesn’t make it a good card.


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Yes! Another video card!


looks like a good one … at least it has a fan!

No Dual outputs !


No DVI, night


WIsh we could have some new stuff on ;(


BFG FX5200 256MB Overclocked PCI Card

  • $5 shipping

Best price on froogle


  • shipping


gettin me three!


Bah… happy wooting… MAC guy here


Eh too many cards lately. Dont need em, but a good woot for those that do.


Nice woot!


not pci-e, PCI

keep that in mind folks


i deserve to be put on probation for this post


yuk, more excitement guys! PLEASE!


Eh its okay. Im heading to bed :slight_smile:


oh couldn’t this have come up two months ago when my video card shat on me?


ahh how i wish i had a PC and not da lap top


Got this last time so I guess Ill skip this one…Although I did sell it on ebay and make 8 or 10 bucks…

edit: Just saw that this is PCI and not AGP.