BFG FX5900XT OC 128MB 8x AGP Video Card


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I’m surprised the car didn’t sell out. Plenty of possibilities with that one :wink: Oh well… glad the weekend is over and a better woot is up.

You know this video card is gonna sell out… nice to see a good tech item up. Lowest I saw on pricewatch was $178!!! Froogle was no better… did these fall off a truck??? … Great Deals, coupon codes and freebies.


Night all!



3 for me! In a BOC!


eh… don’t need one… goodnight!


glad to finally see an agp card to replace the pci one I got in the last woot-off… hmm… maybe dual monitors now? How about a cheap lcd woot?


1st page!!! 1ST TIME
Woot Tang Clan
Wootie and the Blowfish


Cool stuff good woot


How good a woot is this? I seen this one before? :?:


disappointed… !! Good night


booooo…need better woot…first page bitches


Not a bad price.

usually ~180, based on Newegg etc.


BFG FX5900XT OC 128MB 8x AGP Video Card
It gets a little graphic here
$119.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling
Brothers and sisters and siblings of indeterminate gender: someone at BFG has a crush on you. When they built this killer* card around a potent graphics processor from NVIDIA®, it’s obvious they were thinking of you. See how they used top-of-the-line components? That’s so you’d see they have discriminating taste. Also? The GeForce™ FX 5900XT OC graphics card runs faster than a standard card so you’ll think “ooh, exciting”—but safely, so you’ll think “responsible, too!” They’re obviously trying to get your attention. We can’t explain it; they must just have a thing for sweaty, frag-happy basement gamers. They must dig your overclocked box and your keyboard full of Dorito crumbs, and the sickly pallor on your skin.

You know something? We do too. The card is a gift from BFG, but the price is from Woot.

*Will not actually kill you unless flagrantly misused


* It’s overclocked from the factory
* BFG’s lifetime warranty in full effect, yo
* Memory 128MB DDR
* Core Clock 430MHz (vs. 390MHz standard)
* Memory Clock 735MHz (Effective)
* RAMDAC Dual 400MHz
* AGP 8x/4x/2x compatible
* Up to 8 pixels per clock rendering engine
* NVIDIA® CineFX™ 2.0 Engine
* NVIDIA® UltraShadow™ Technology
* API Support Microsoft® DirectX® 9.0 and lower, OpenGL 1.4 and lower for Microsoft® Windows®
* Connectors VGA, DVI, S-Video-Out
* 322 million vertices/sec setup
* 23.5GB/second memory bandwidth

Minimum System Requirements:

* Intel Pentium®III, AMD® Duron™ or Athlon™ class processor or higher
* 128MB of RAM
* CD or DVD-ROM Drive
* 10MB available hard disk space (50MB for full installation)
* Microsoft® Windows® 95 OSR2, 98 or higher, ME, 2000, XP, NT4.0 with service pack 5 or 6
* Microsoft® Windows® 95 OSR2, 98 or higher, ME, 2000, XP, NT4.0
* Minimum 300W system power supply
* AGP-compliant motherboard (Some motherboards violate the AGP specification. This card may not physically fit in such systems.)
* Available hard disk drive power dongle (smaller floppy disk drive connector is not sufficient)

Included in the box:

* BFG GeForce™ FX 5900XT OC graphics card
* Quick install manual
* Power “Y” Cable
* DVI to VGA Dongle
* NVIDIA® Unified Drivers
* NVIDIA® demos
* Full installation manual .pdf
* NVIDIA® NVDVD™ 2.0 multimedia software
* Windowblinds™ BFG/NVIDIA® Skins


better luck tomorrow night :roll:


this one is not for me but it is a OK deal But not flaming hot


cool video card


don’t need it.

Page 1?



Seems like a good w00t!, although my dual 6800 ultras beat the tar out of it…


No specs? :frowning:

No specs = no woot, because I am lazy



Yay I got one. woot. I hope this will be a ok card.


Something i could use, broke though.