BFG GeForce 6600 128MB PCI-Express SLI Video Card



Nice if you want to play pacman in high resolution… No fan and only 128MB


The video cards never last long.


Great deal if you don’t want to play the latest and greatest games. I’ll stick with my 256Mb Radeon X800 pro.


Dark picture makes the card looks like it has burn marks on it. :’)


Is this woot off a joke?? OMG do these items SUCK!


That is REALLY CHEAP!!! And if you are worrying about installing it…DON’T. Its Easy!


Might be good for a dinky comp for kids to play basic games on.


hmmm, need one, but not sure if this is a good. deal.


Dark picture makes the card looks like it has burn marks on it. :’)


actually if you run two of these in SLI, you could play most of anything on at least decent settings.


Just looks like a big heat sink to me! looks to be 100 of them. Bodom of Children… Please!!!


why is speed to first woot in negative numbers?


Fast as hell. Already got 2 of them. SUPR. L8r m8s


Woot, you’re repeating yourself again. Will the race car be next, or are you going to surprise us with a Toaster!!!

Ya know, if you’ve got lots of these “second-run” items, why not put them in a … yeah, a brown bag.


Patchy Linux support = ghey


my computer already has a 5200 in it…


You can always spot the eBay’ers … they’re the ones buying 3 of what you can only use 2 at a time of.


woot i want a dvd burner already


how about a 7800 with 512MB???