BFG GeForce 6600 128MB PCI-Express SLI Video Card



Woot Off-
TV Speakers, TV Cables, RC Car, Coffee Maker, LCD Monitor, DigiCam, Treat Maker, Portable DVD Player, Home DVD Player, Video Card…


BFG GeForce 6600 128MB PCI-Express SLI Video Card
$49.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 BFG GeForce 6600 PCI-Express SLI Video Card


Here is a quick summary of the WOOT-OFF so far:

Start Quantity
12:00 AM 600 Mystery Brand 6 Piece 100 watt Speaker Set
12:08 AM 200 Monster Big Screen TV Kit
12:49 AM 50 Nikko 1/14 Scale Lancer Evo High Performance R/C Car
12:57 AM 20 Beyond Smart Mill & Brew Coffee Maker
1:06 AM 18 HP F1903 19 inch LCD Monitor
1:13 AM 70 Vivitar Vivicam 8.1MP Digital Camera
2:12 AM 70 Cook‘s Essentials Chocolate Treat Maker
2:18 AM 100 Saitek 104-Key Eclipse Keyboard - Special Night-Vision Red Edition
2:28 AM 24 AMW 10.2" Portable DVD Player
2:35 AM 20 LG Progressive Scan DVD / Divx Player with HD Upconversion


VERY Tempting: Froogle@$100


Nice card. Just scored a 6800gt agp 256mb for 140 bucks tho. Keep the woots coming! Who needs sleep anyways?


$70 on Froogle, good woot…


i dont see the sli bridge in the picture, they sure it’s sli? (should be on top)


Not a bad little card for 50 bucks! Will be a huge upgrade for thoes poor folks with onboard video if they got a PCI-e slot :slight_smile:


Now why would only 9% buy 2 if this is a cheap SLI board?


anyone else see the next item being beyond smart bread maker?


only 110. Only good for 55 SLI’s :’)


When I would refresh, before the video card sold out, I saw the video card sometimes, a breadmaker at others. Is a breadmaker next, then?


I don’t actually have a PCI-E system so I could be wrong, but I thought the SLI bridge comes with the motherboard.


whats going on thought one deal per day


WOW this is a deal for real guys and gals. I just got a G-Force 7800 PCI-E SLI for $350 this card is just under mine. Go w00t


This is a w00t off bud. Read the FAQ page… also know as What is w00t


Anybody happen to buy 3 of these and wanna pass along the savings to a bruthuh? Sell me one for what they bought it for and I’ll pay their shipping? Anyone? If so, PM me or email me at (without all the periods…) :wink: thanks, maybe…


About the bridge, yes the bridge comes with the motherboard, but he means the spot to put the bridge.

I think that this card is supported in a little different way than SLI with the bridge, kinda a “software sli” of sorts. Don’t quote me, I actually haven’t looked into this card. Woot might have just used the wrong picture.

And to the guy that said this 6600 is “just under” his 7800: Don’t feel too bad about your purchase, this card is waaay under the 7800gt.

the 6600gt, all flavors of 6800 ( which there is like 6), and the bottom line 7800 cards are all better than this card.

It is much improvement over on-board or most of the fx5xxx series.


i have a dellhat i need to upgrade so my wife can play sims 2…will one of these work and if so, does anyone wanna part with one at a decent price?