BG Reynolds Syrup Sampler (6)

BG Reynolds Cocktail Syrups 6-Pack Sampler
Sold by: Wine Country Connect, LLC
$49.99 $74.94 33% off List Price
BG Reynolds Falernum Tropical Syrup, 375 ml Bottle
BG Reynolds Original Orgeat Tropical Syrup, 375 ml Bottle
BG Reynolds Rich Demerara Tropical Syrup, 375 ml Bottle
BG Reynolds Passion Fruit Tropical Syrup, 375 ml Bottle
BG Reynolds Wild Ginger Tropical Syrup, 375 ml Bottle
BG Reynolds Cinnamon Tropical Syrup, 375 ml Bottle

Bring back the wine. Woot.gourmet keeps flirting with alcohol. This is like selling the bong but pretending the fuel does not exist.

I’m not going to lie. I’d probably be all for bong.woot. Glass can be expensive.

Dang…Got all excited for pancakes annnnnnd…bupkis!

Would I enjoy these in Sodastream seltzer?

What wine would you pair with the dead horse you’re beating?

I was wondering the same thing. Some of the flavors sound great for soda, others not so much. If I can’t put it in soda, will it go in coffee? Two of these didn’t make my taste preference cut for either when I read the descriptions.

This is a great deal for anyone wanting to experiment with TIKI drinks. I bought some of these individually for lots more $$$. I’m normally a gin&tonic or bourbon neat guy, but after I ended up with some left over (non-mixer) passion syrup I searched what to do with it (other than pour it all over vanilla ice cream) and found a you=tuber named ‘distinguished spirits’ who got me excited to try some TIKI drinks - I usually don’t like sweet, but I’ve been sucking down Saturns for the last few months (gin + falernum + orgeat + passion fruit syrup + lemon juice + crushed ice = awesome!). This really is a good deal and tiki drinks are easy and fun to make and a great excuse to wear hawaiian shirts and drink out of gruesome mugs.

The Orgeat, Passionfruit, Ginger and Cinnamon Syrups will make for light, fun spritzers. (Orgeat is an almond-based syrup that’s pretty sweet, the rest are kinda obvious flavors.)

Demerara syrup is essentially a tiki-specific version of simple syrup (read: sugar water) and would make for sugar water with little flavor.

Falernum is the “odd” one. It’s a collection of spices (cinnamon, ginger, cloves, allspice and other stuff) that makes for more of a spicy note, similar to ginger beers. Personally, I like having it to add to seltzer just to mix things up.

The real value of these syrups is for elevating your cocktail game, specifically Tiki drinks.

Most of these syrups needs to be consumed within a few weeks after opening as they are mostly sugar. But if you throw a mix a shot of vodka or everclear into the bottles it will extend the shelf life of the syrups to at least few months! Great for those of us that don’t own our own bars. :slight_smile: