BH Garage Storage: Morage Storage

mdf and particle board isn’t a feature. It’s a problem. and to the florida resident that bought these that humidity won’t play well with them.

Does this come shipped assembled, or is this flat pack assemble yourself cabinetry?

Checked with the manufacturer - this is flat pack…

Also, what is the warranty on this? I am in SC so a bit concerned about the humidity with the MDF, at least it’s on feet to keep it up off the concrete floor so it might not be a problem.

I cannot find any warranty information regarding humidity and MDF - any information woot?

Hey there, they’re able to offer a 5 Year BH North America warranty with these items, as to what that covers, you’d have to check with BH to be sure. I don’t want to mislead you on the humidity question.

I wish they would sell individual pieces of this instead of making us buy a set.

If you have an Ikea near you check them out. Last I looked they had a few styles with raised legs like this and they are completely modular. You would need to buy a top or provide your own, but you an mix and match whatever type of cabinet you need. They may even end up being cheaper.