BH North America Cabinets

No 8 and 10 piece sets?!
Chill, blood. They’re over on tools.woot

Hey Woot,

How about a sale on garage flooring to go with these kits? Something that can take the weight of cars & equipment would be nice, like:***FlexiTile*** or Norsk

…pretty pleeze? :slight_smile:

Kit’s are nice. Unfortunately you will buy cabinets which you don’t need.

I would love to buy some, actually shopping for garage cabinets today, however until I can customize my own package… I’m out.

Are the cabinets already assembled? Please post more details about installation. I’m getting more handy with DIY projects, but I’m a single Mom with 2 kids (one helpful, the other less so) and my learning curve is slow as time is limited. Thanks.

If you go to their site, you can look at the individual pieces. I found manuals in the “Resources” tab of the few I looked at.

Ulti-Mate Site

Some assembly required. 2 screwdrivers and maybe a rubber mallet. The mallet is because the parts are a snug fit.I’ve put two together now and they are really well made and sturdy. Solid hardware. I think much better quality than the types I’ve seen in Lowe’s or Home Depot and you can’t beat the price. I’d do it again but I have 4 more to assemble first.

Any update on shipping? Order says shipped, but the tracking number provided doesn’t work. Figured it might make sense to try to be home when a bunch of boxes show up in my driveway.

I’ve got a working tracking number. Please check your Private Messages. To view your private messages, click on the envelope to the right of the Everything But Woot tab.

So - normally wouldn’t complain about $5 shipping, but considering the total price tag . . .

Placed the order December 8th.

Won’t receive until December 31st.

Not happy.

Something that big has to ship via freight and it takes a bit longer to move across states. Sorry for the frustration.