BH North America Garage Storage

So, for lack of description or pictures on these… shall I just assume that they’re just empty inside? Wow, a nice looking 2 door storage cabinet… that apparently has no shelves or tools for organization inside.

“Shelving: 1” moisture resistant; 200 lb load rating" Great… they can hold… 1 inch of moisture?? and 200 lbs?? but how many are there? How are they attached inside? what do they LOOK like?

worst… marketing pitch… ever! Here’s a pretty box… don’t worry about what’s inside it, it’s on SALE!

Not to bag on this specific product but in my travels I have discovered it was cheaper and better looking to have cabinets custom built for my garage, and installed by the cabinet people. My cabinets don’t even touch the floor

If you look at the features on each of the pieces, you’ll see that they describe the inner shelves.

For example:

Ulti-MATE Garage PRO GA-06PC 2-Door Tall Cabinet
Strong 1’’ thick fully wrapped and edge banded shelves (1-fixed and 2-adjustable)

Ulti-MATE Garage PRO GA-01PC 2-Door Base Cabinet
Strong 1’’ thick fully wrapped and edge banded adjustable shelf

In the two photos with the Ducati, that garage floor looks cleaner than any floor in my house.

Are the Ducati and Ladder included in this deal? If so, im in for 3!

MDF and Pressboard, no thanks

Wow - that 10-piece pro package sure makes a garage look just like a kitchen.

My first thought when I saw the picture is “who parks their bike in the kitchen?”

Maybe it was just the tile floor - but the arrangement of cabinets looks like a lot of kitchens I’ve been in.

Seriously woot! I’ve been wanting to buy something like this for months and have done a lot of research. To be honest, I don’t see what the sale price is here. I can find a better deal at that auction site. The reason I haven’t bought it there yet was because I was waiting on you to put on a sale, yeah you woot!, to post a better deal. What a disappointment… :frowning:

Does it bother anyone else that the 2-door cabinet and the 3-door cabinet are not the same height?

It looks weird to me when they’re mounted right next to each other.

They’re the same height, there is a work surface added to the top, that’s why it’s not flush all the way across.

or are you talking about the upper cabinets?

Plus I got the 12 piece here:

For 1699.99 back in June. It’s 2895 now.


I’m from BH North America, manufacturer of Ulti-MATE Garage PRO cabinets.

The height is different because of use of the included 70.75" Black Worktop surface that bridges across the 1-door and 3-drawer base cabinet to create a workstation (just add a comfy stool). Worktop is 1.5" thick MDF, so yes, if you copied cabinet layout as pictured, would show height difference.

Image represents one of infinite design options.

Thank you,
BH North America

Forget the Ducati. I’ll bite if a Starbuck’s gift certificate is included.

Can the BH North American rep clarify if the weight capacity is 200 lbs per shelf or 200 lbs total per cabinet

Is it just me, or is that Ducati a Desmosedici?

Pretty sure it is. $72,000 bike.

Door not drawer…
Noticed that the representative answered that wrong also.
It does look uneven.

…Not just any Sedici, this is a 2009 “RR”; a street legal Race Replica.

And when you’re done tricking out your garage with cool BH North storage units, you can get the custom Tundra Transporter to haul it around:

***Tundra Transporter

…Ahhh, maybe Santa will take pity on me this year? :slight_smile:

We have these and find them to be nice quality and attractive. That being said…there are some things one stores in the garage that are too wide to fit into any of the sizes we bought.

Note that the 2/3 door wall cabinets are not only different heights, but the photo looks like they are different widths too.

What’s the difference between the standard and the PRO series cabinets?