Bialetti Manual Coffee Maker

Bialetti Manual Coffee Maker

What size is the one being offered here?

Per the features:

  • Capacity 300 ml Height 17 5 cm Diameter 7 cm

or 6cups per amazon:

Wow, you guys are really taking a risk to sell another Bialetti.

Life on the edge, buddy.

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Is that little man on the pot flipping us off?

No. Just you.


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I have the smaller version of this, and have been using this coffee maker for over 5 years now. It’s amazing. It works for me as I am the only one in the family that drinks coffee. I think mine is a 4 cup…but I use all of it and milk for a daily latte.

The company is a national treasure in Italy and has fallen on hard time due to Asian knock-offs. I keep trying to make a decent cup of mokka or “Cuban” style coffee, but don’t get the crema you show. How do you do it, what coffee do you use?

Crema is hard to get unless you fill up the coffee basket/that thing you put the coffee in. I use lavazaa coffee. Get it from Amazon using subscribe and save. It looks like a brick.
Don’t do the mistake of packing in the coffee with a press…that will burn the coffee. Just make a little mountain with coffee and close it.

300ml = 1.268 cups.

Maybe it’s 6 tiny expresso cups?


Whoa whoa whoa, did you get a new job?