Bialetti Venus Stove top Coffee Maker

Bialetti Venus Stove top Coffee Maker

Poor old Bialetti is in financial trouble.

If this is a Chinese-made one with their name stamped on it, I’d like to know.

This one is not Kitty, right? LOL Please don’t shoot me… I had to say it.

After reading many of the reviews, I, too, am wondering if this is just a cheap Chinese rip-off. I think I’ll stick to my French Press.

I have the same item but branded differently. It’s stainless steel, it works. The brand absolutely does not matter - remember you’re shopping on Woot!


Wait. Yeah. You’re right.

Indian made - better than the earlier Chinese made ones and the other lines made in china.
They have not been made in Italy since 2010 and many before.