Bidet II: Electric Bidetloo


-Everyone upon seeing this on woot.

bought one of these swash 1000’s last time they were available…excellent bidet, lots of features at a very good price.
instant warm water, heated seat, deoderizing fan and drying fan. fully adjustable for temp, pressure, spray width.

Installs in minutes with included hardware.

Hahaha love the Electric Boogaloo reference! Great movie! Boogaloo Shrimp was the man!

Cue: Del tha Funkee Homosapien - “If You Must”

Had to look at these. First thought was a toss up. Which is worse…electric out (GFCI but still) right under the toilet tank or the spray wand tempting any kid to flood the bathroom while trying to drown a sibling. I’ll stick to wet wipes.

I can say that it is much better than wipes. I have used wipes for years and I am prone to issues because I have Crohn’s, but after suffering a fistula this spring, I decided to spring for a bidet (I bought a different one from bidet king) and found that with a bidet, I feel much cleaner than even using wipes. I have gotten to the point that I dislike to travel unless for a very good reason because I hate to be without it. for more than a day or two, even if I have wipes.

Where’s the toothbrush holder?


Is an electric outlet needed near the toilet?

Tools & Garden?

Outhouse use or what kind of tool is this?

@kevin038 - Yes, the over-$100 ones need power.

I’ve installed three different bidet seats for extended family. I’ve always put the electrical outlet about 6-12 inches to the right of the toilet (as you’re facing it). That’s usually where they were in Japan. Not sure what’s scary about it.

For my house, it’s a complete luxury item. For my disabled nephew, though, it was the gift of dignity and that’s priceless. He still needs help transferring to the toilet, but no longer needs wiping help. Genius.

“Tools and Garden”?