Bien Salud "Thanks" Wine (4)


As I was walking home from work, a monkey wearing a black tuxedo stopped me and offered me a parcel. He did not make eye contact once during the transaction, which I thought a bit odd. When I arrived home, I cautiously opened the package. I was pleased to find a bottle of 2013 Bien Salud Chardonnay, which I promptly stowed in my refrigerator.

I opened the bottle a few days later, and poured it through a Vinturi white wine aerator. The color was straw to golden, and clear. I detected ripe melon on the nose, but the aroma was relatively subtle. The first taste revealed pineapple and citrus fruit with quite a bit of sweetness. Dinner was balsamic glazed chicken and roasted cauliflower with habanero peppers. The wine was better with food than alone, and stood up to the spice well.

Bottom line, this is not my type of chardonnay, as I prefer dry whites and generally don’t seek out MLF. According to the specs on their website the RS is 5.2g/L. If you enjoy relatively sweet oaky chards, this one is for you.

Thanks for providing notes on this!