Big Agnes Atlantic Point 30 Sleeping Bag

Just got mine. Incoming stream of consciousness:

I normally buy “cheap” (Ozark Trail and a no-name Chinese small one for backpacking) or “luxury” (giant 2-person flannel Coleman) sleeping bags. First time having a mid-range one at what I’d consider a backpacking weight.

I haven’t slept in it, but I did crawl into it and I really like it. The interior isn’t overly spacious, but certainly comfortable. I’m 5’11" at 230 lbs, with a decent shoulder span, so I’m not the smallest person, but there’s still enough room to breathe. Contrast that with my smaller sized “China Special” which barely has enough room for me to move my arm to zip it up all the way.

It’s got little flappy things that go around your neck and help keep the warm in, and the hooded part is padded enough to be comfortable. Probably still want a pillow and a pad though. Apparently others of BA’s line are only padded on one side and have a pocket in them for an integrated sleeping pad, but this one isn’t like that.

I tossed it into a cheap compression bag and managed to get it to compress to a space probably a little smaller than a basketball after sitting on it a couple times and going over each of the straps, so that’s not too bad either.

All things considered, I’m impressed.

Oh, I should mention that I got the regular. When they say fits up to 72", they mean it.