Big Bath & Laundry

Bought one of these from Woot over a week ago, received and works great so far. Heavier than my old iron and a little unwieldy but my fave is that tip that goes around buttons and detail super easily where before it was more than annoying. :slight_smile:

The Atopalm Moisturizing Cream is great! I got some last time it was here, and it is really worth the money.

Great price for a Rowenta. It’s too bad I already have one.

Bought the clippy hangers for my dress pants a couple weeks ago. The springs are pretty weak. When I move things around in the closet, they let go their cargo and the pants come tumbling down. Not from pushing on the clips either, just from tugging on the pants.

Bought the Shower head about two weeks ago…love it. Much higher flow and Installed without a hitch too.

Which showerhead?