Big, Bold, & Brights

Egad, that chair is gorgeous. Only ever seen one like this in Sims videogame. Wish I could afford one.

The Zig zag turquoise and the Sensations Teal pillows appear to be the same color. Are they? Would they coordinate well together? I need 4 total but would prefer if they were not exactly alike.

Talked with the buyer who has WAY more decorating sense than I do. I mean, when I bought my house, I bought a lot of the furniture and wall art in it so I wouldn’t have to decorate.

Anyway, she says they’re in the same tone family but are slightly different because the material is different. She brought them to me so I snapped a photo with my phone. Sorry it’s blurry.

She said they would definitely go together and coordinate. She added that she would probably add another set in a different color like orange or gray to give it some pop.


Why must you post this at the end of the month and before I get paid for a recent website build? If I had the money, I would get the Tiger print and pillows in three colors (teal, turquoise zig zag, and orange). Of course my hubby would probably complain about having that many pillows. We currently have four and I regularly find them unceremoniously tossed to the floor.

ThunderThighs: Thank you for the helpful pic!

Any chance you can get better images of the orange pillows? Like a perspective view? The flat front on images aren’t giving me a good view of what they look like in terms of depth and their edges.

Thanks in advance!

Thanks TT. The picture really helped. Not sure if the orange or gray is the mix I am looking for with a chocolate brown sofa set. Will think aboit it. I do appreciate the extra effort and the decorating tips.


If I got that zig zag chair in a BoC, I would cry. Because AMERICA!

Ordered & received green ripple chair. Legs in separate box with screws. No instructions. Anyone know how it goes together? It would be too easy if there happened to be holes in the bottom of the chair that lined up with the holes in the legs/supports… But there are 6 holes per bottom support, (3 front, 3 back, on 2 supports for 12 total) and only 4 rubber feet on the chair bottom. Hints? ideas?

I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t receive any instructions for assembly. You can try writing into Woot Member Services at and letting them know. They might be able to locate and find an instruction manual for you.