Big Bordeaux Wine Glass

True Fabrications Big Bordeaux Wine Glass
$29.99 $̶3̶9̶.̶9̶9̶ 25% off List Price

Finally, something new. Unfortunately, nothing exciting.

I do have one of these that I am keeping my corks in. I really like it, just not exciting becuase I already have one.

We don’t sell out on wine very often so we kinda had to jump through some hoops to get this sale up.



These also make lovely arrangement holders for wine-themed weddings. My BFF had such a themed wedding last year, and convinced a caterer at a wine festival to part with one of these to be used on her big day. Was GORGEOUS (she’s secretly very crafty).

yes, much appreciated.

What, no decanters lying around?

Who loves you baby?

Telly, that’s who. Not sure if he ever had one of these giant glasses.

A classic:

This thing will decant a double-mag.

The perfect glass if you are only having one. … Somebody had to say it!

I was looking for a way to class up my goldfish

Given the amount of wine the FedEx guy has dropped off in the last month or so, I could use a glass like this!

Problem is, if you put a whole bottle into one of those glasses, you can barely lift it. Best to pour a bit at a time, no?

A friend from yes, Texas, gave me one of these some time ago. Very amusing, and now it spends its time collecting dust…