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This is cheaper if you order from Amazon and have Amazon Prime…

There are several items here, which are you referring to, and do you have links?

Does anyone have experience with the Torpedo blender? Will it actually blend frozen fruit and yogurt to make a smoothie? I’m talking a couple cups of frozen fruit. My current blender allegedly crushes ice, but it is no match for two cups of frozen strawberries and mangos.

Reading various reviews on Amazon, I think the blenders in this selection may struggle with ice.

NOTE: I’m just in the market. I’ve not used this particular blender.

mixed reviews for the oven on Amazon

What’s the difference between the fryer and the oven, they look about the same thing, the specs are nearly the same.

I have the 15-piece multi blender and it does pretty well with ice. I usually substitute a frozen banana because it makes the smoothies much creamier :slight_smile: Works great with frozen fruit. It’s really a personal blender though, you’re not going to get more than a couple cups in there. I love it for making protein shakes after I work out, it’s quick and easy to clean. I put the blender cups in the dishwasher on the top rack. I don’t really use any of the lids/attachments, as it’s just something else to wash. Mine also came with extra seals that fit down into the blender attachment thing, which was nice.

(bought on Groupon in the beginning of the year, still going strong!)

The write-up (buildup) says “select” the blade and do it, yet the spec only lists ONE blade. I’m assuming there are different blades for different tasks (grinding coffee versus crushing ice or making smoothies)

So with the “all purpose” blade this means it does everything just half-assed ?

Has anyone ever used an oil-less fryer and what did you think of it?

Juicer. 18,000 RPM!
wow! Goodbay vitamins…

Mixed reviews for the fryer:

Regarding the “Oil-less” fryer:

The first review here was very helpful in making up my mind:

Firstly: It ain’t “oil-less” if you have to use oil (it’s just less oil). Secondly, what it DOES, you CAN, indeed, do just as well and with less trouble in your regular oven - I’ve done it myself with foods like chicken wings - tossed them in oil, put them on a baking sheet and popped them in the oven for crispy wings - use parchment paper or other baking paper and cleanup is a matter of tossing the paper in the trash.

This item seems like it might be good for a person in a very small apartment that has no regular oven. Maybe.

I have the blender and love it. When my daughter comes home from work on a hot day it is the first thing she hits to make a quick smoothie.

video review of the Egg Geenie on Amazon…

The description for this DOES contradict the photo. I own a no-name blender, that looks a lot like this one, but it came with two blades, one like blender, and the other like a coffee/spice grinder.

I don’t have this exact product, but its another knockoff of the Magic Bullet Blender. It works great, and I use it all the time, for everything.

There’s something similar to this at JCPenney for $40* with lots more bits, and if you’re a Costco shopper, it’s $50, but their products are always a step up from other retail, such as their packages always contain more accessories/blades/jars, etc. than what’s available anywhere else.

The one I have just won’t die, or else I’d replace it with that massive set from Costco. I use it about 7-10 times/week.

I use it for salsa, hummus, smoothies, sauces, dressings, coffee beans, dried peppers, dried spices, flax seed, tapenade… damned near anything that’s got to go from solid-to-sauce or whole-to-powder.

*pre-tax, but no shipping if purchased in store.

So a $20 hand mixer is not available for shipping to Alaska, but a “thousand” pound cast iron 5 qt dutch oven is?

Where does this make sense?

I’m gonna guess that the hand mixer might be drop shipped by the vendor and they don’t do AK/HI shipping.

But yeah, it seems weird on the surface.