Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer - 4 Colors

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Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer - 4 Colors
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What’s your favorite thing to cook in your oil-less fryer?


Pizza rolls. Hot, crispy, delicious pizza rolls in 8 minutes.


Four stars at Amazon, and priced at $69.99. What’s worrying is that 18% of the reviews are one star. I like the idea, and the price is good, but I’m just not sure about this one. But I am very tempted…

Can you cook Cube steak or chicken-fried steak in this successfully?

Tater tots and party pizzas.

Can one really do fried chicken in one of these things?

We have a different air fryer and love it, best chicken wings we’ve had! Fries are great in it, too :slight_smile:

Save you money, my oven does a better job at chrisping things up. I’m so very disappointed in these things.

Save you money. The oven makes things crispier than these things

Dang it. I just got a NuWave cooker. But they all seem to do the same thing.

1-3 is my favorite meal

  1. marinated chicken breast cut into chunks
  2. Roasted asparagus
  3. dice/chunk potatoes tossed in onion soup mix
  4. Frozen snacks (various) - Hey, this thing is fast and cooks them is less then half the time

You can’t cook alot so if you are having people over for a game or something, start early and lay everything out by time. Don’t overload the tray because not everything will get cooked the same, even if you take out the basket and shake it up like they suggest. You also need to play with the time. We cooked some onion rings that would have taken 25 minutes in the oven. So we cut the time in half. They were done in minutes. So, the ones offered here are cool because you can watch your food get overcooked LOL.

When the wife and I were looking at these types device, we ended up with one that doesn’t use a light but uses heating elements (like the ones on an electric stove). Got a NuWave. Holds less food but does a great job, so far.

Nothing beats a home oven… However, by the time your oven is preheated and ready to go, these little gems will have heated up, cooked your snacks so you can enjoy them in half to 1/4 the time. Less power used too. Nice to stash away at a cabin or in your RV. They have a use, but not for when you are entertaining a large crowd.

I just got the Oyama Turbo convection oven off Amazon for $53.56 and it has worked great so far.

Fried Butter Balls

Why not just use your oven then?

THANKS for posting this! I almost bought one of these. This video showed me this thing is HUGE and I don’t have room for that in my kitchen.

These are somewhat miss-branded as Oil-less fryers. They are better known as “halogen ovens” and seem to be popular in the UK (based on youtube videos of people using them). They are good at baking things faster than a regular oven, and using less energy.
The biggest complaint I’ve seen about them in reviews is that the bulbs blow out. I bought one from woot a few months ago and the bulb blew after 3 uses. Replacing the bulb is not easy, but I managed to do it. Since then I’ve used it many times.