Big Boss Reversible Grill

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Big Boss Reversible Grill
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reviews on amazon are mediocre

Reviews on Amazon regarding it taking a long time to heat up and cook are not very encouraging.

Time to check out the product page

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For those who are wondering, this is a 1500 Watt appliance. That means faster heating times but it also means that it needs its own line in many ho,es. And older homes may not want to risk such high wattages at all. Most dorms will not allow 1500 watt devices so check your regulations before buying.

That’s surprising since it uses 1500 watts.

I wonder if the problem might be low voltages. If there is another mid- to high-wattage device running, i.e. >600 watts, there will be a voltage drop and heating will take longer. That’s why high heat appliances like stoves and dryers often need a specially-installed 240V line. Many good blenders, food processors and juicers use an 800+ watt motor. Vacuum cleaners and air conditioners also use a lot of wattage

Please mention the package weight and the voltage

Lol, it lays flat if you manually unscrew the handle. This is amateur copy cat hour. Woot shouldn’t even be selling this dollar store junk.

Amazon says shipping weight is 11 lbs.

I cannot find voltage so probably 120v only.

I believe the handle levels that side of the grill.

I’m almost positive that it’s 110/120V only. Heating devices are sensitive to voltage so you generally wouldn’t make a device that can vary from 120v-240v. It’s cheaper to make two separate versions for each voltage. Unless you’re traveling out of the country, most consumers are more concerned with the Wattage (or Amperage), which is 1500.

we went on a cruise and I bought an adapter for the 240 volt outlet in our room. my cell phone did fine charging with it, the curling iron didn’t fare as well.

Not a drop of grease on that cooked bacon! Seems legit…

The product features say it cooks “Pancakes and waffles” (italics mine) but I don’t see any pictures or mention of waffle-shaped plates.

Well, it doesn’t claim to be a waffle maker. By cooking, they mean heating up and crisping frozen waffles, like those from Eggo. In the same way, paninis are basically ready to eat as sandwishes, and don’t need cooking in the traditional sense. All a panini grill does is to heat it up to melt the cheese and brown the bread. At least that’s my guess…

Yep, resistive appliances (aka ones that heat up) generally don’t do well with voltage conversion. I’ve heard of fires starting when cheap converters are used. If you need a 240V travel iron or hair dryer, make sure to buy one with the feature built in.

After we checked Amazon we decided to pass. Especially after this review which is correct. One of our 2 sons owns the older model, he verified all of that information. Read this lengthy but correct Amazon review before you buy it. We’re glad we did, we almost ordered 3 for our daughter and 2 sons.

Ah, it’s made(?)/distributed by Emson. That explains the poor reviews. Emson is one of those generic companies like Coby and Bell&Howell that merely stamp their name on cheap Chinese-made products. You’d probably find this exact grill under some other brand in another country. Emson is a bit different in that they have a lot of As-See-on_TV products and their knockoffs. But the quality is very lacking. You can often find Emson products in Dollar Stores,