Big Boss Steam Iron

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Big Boss Steam Iron
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User Reviews

Amazon Reviews

I’m pretty sure if Darth Vader ironed . . . this is the one he would use.

All of those reviews are from people who received the iron for free…I tend to suspect such reviews. Most people won’t slam a product they get for free and try harder to say something nice about it.

Does anyone know where to find the manual? Does this automatically turn off after any period of time for safety?

I’ve seen many great Vine reviews that mirrored my experiences, though most Vine reviewers go out of their way to be professional and level-headed unlike many reviewers who can be emotional when they have a bad experience or don’t understand how to use the product. USUALLY Viners will take more time to thoroughly evaluate a product than emotional reviewers who couldn’t get it to work and instantly put their anger on blast. The downside, on the other side of the token, is that the best reviews are from people who update their reviews after a much longer period of time, even years later, and many Vine folks don’t.

I’d say take any Vine review with a grain of salt, but not much more than any other review. For every product I’ve loved, there are at least a small percentage of reviewers who think it’s the worst thing to ever exist and write a review that would scare anyone off if not for the more level-headed, positive, and most importantly detailed reviews. I think Vine IS a useful feature and a lot of people who rag on it would jump at the opportunity to be apart of it themselves. Heck, I would too :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it cordless?

[MOD: It is corded.]

You can see a stub of the cord at the top/back of the iron in the pic.

OK Woot… I give up!

What’s an iron? Is it simply a decorative item for my knick-knack cubby?

Who needs an iron when you have a drier and a damp washcloth?

Metal Gear

This looks like my first iron made by Reliable in canada. It can produce massive clouds of steam pretty quick, and is a hefty sucker. As in almost irons without the benefit of heat. My only gripes about the reliable is the instruction manual (rather sparse) and the apparent lack of a self cleaning function to get the crud out. (I’d advise the use of distilled water)

When put online, this item proclaimed “In Stock”, “Ships in 1-2 Days plus transit” and I based my order on that. It is now the 4th day and has yet to be shipped. Woot, please honor your word and your commitment to customers!