Big Brother 9 - Till Death do us Part


Good morning guys and gals. Is anybody out there watching this season of Big Brother? What are your thoughts on the contestants? So far, I have not been impressed by this season, or any of the contestants. I’ve watched all 8 previous seasons, and this one is the pits so far - all the contestants do is whine, gossip, and bi*ch the entire time.


I’ve been watching it. I agree, it’s just a bunch of high school (middle school?) cattiness and personal attacks. Not that it’s usually much more than that, but there is usually at least some thought to the game play. Maybe it’s a side effect of the short casting period and the desire of CBS to get a show on the air quickly during the strike. I’ll keep watching (i’m a reality tv addict…) but I wouldn’t be too dissapointed if they cut the season short.


I understand BB putting a bunch of younger folks on the show, cuz I’m sure that’s their biggest viewing audience. But dang - they’ve only got one “older” person this year, and she’s a total B! It seems they are now casting based upon looks instead of any sort of intelligence level. Geez - bring back Dr. Evil!! Heck, I’d even settle for another Chicken George!!


It seems they went to the MTV Real World casting special and picked up a bunch of young kids who want to party and “hook up”.

I dunno… I kinda like Sheila. She seems to be kinda, almost, sane. But maybe that’s just compared to her housemates. :slight_smile:

edit: When I posted that I was mainly thinking about her take on the “race” issue. I had forgotten about the way she had been treating Adam… so never mind. She isn’t sane.