Big Budget Crate

Crate Scott!

That kitten mitten is adorable.

I wasn’t going to buy anything, but I had to get this. Now shipping is unlocked I guess, so will my willpower hold out and will I buy no more?

What’s in the box?

Can’t resist the woot crates!

Did @Ocho design the shirt? That may be the deciding factor …

A cat!

Once upon a time, I would have pounced at this.

For various reasons, I think I’m going to let this one go.

I may check later to see what designs you all get, though.

I learned my lesson the hard way.

You can buy three though. :smiley:

Is the kitten mitten for southpaws?

Ochopika oven mitt. WAH!

I skipped the Valentine crate; lucked out with the school crate in that I at least got $24 value in the $25 I paid.

Looks like you’d be smothering the kitteh’s face on a hot pan instead.

Again, is the shirt an @Ocho design? That’d sway me.

Seriously though what’s in the crate, I get a shirt and probably a hat but what are all those other greyed out silhouettes?

My guess: Stickers, cards, etc. Nothing to write home about usually.

Holy crap kitten mitten SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!

I really want the Kitten Mitten, but for thirty bucks? If they’d come out & say what’s included in the big box, I might spring for it. As it is, I feel like I’m being played.


Is the cat alive or dead?

Is the ornament going to be different than last years?

No international shipping?

No kitty oven mitt for me :frowning: