Big Budget Crate

really? like, really really? this was on shirt woot like what, a day ago?
no woot, this isn’t how it’s supposed to work. I mean, maybe for optimizing cash flow, but this is totally against the idea that brought me to woot years ago. . shoot, about 10 years ago.
I guess it is what it is. the old customers will wonder off, and new people will enjoy the woot that woot has become. . I still come to woot most every day. . but the draw is getting weaker, and weaker.
I’m nostalgic, I’ll admit it.


About two billion people asked for some info about exactly what might be in the crates, & somehow the question was just left out there to dangle. I really want the kitten mitten, but for thirty bucks?

So to quote the lovely Brad Pitt (PG version):


From the last time I ordered a $30 box, I got a random shirt, a tote, a journal and some stickers ((3)all the same, not a variety)), and 2 buttons. Not really worth it IMO.

I’m sticking with the $5 version. Learned my lesson with the electronics box.

What happened with the electronics box?

This is a very different thing. The items in this crate are shown, but grayed out so you can’t see the designs.

Still no love for international customers :frowning:

Why no shipping to the UK?

Very different. That box smelled bad from the beginning.

Thanks. I think I’ll manage to marshal my enthusiasm as well.

Indeed, indeed.

they gotta be second chancing these boxes due to the fact that they sold horribly when they were on the daily deal.

although, the greyed out beanie is intriguing. but i cant muster up enough intrigue to purchase it not knowing the design.

ill just wait it out till they actually allow a beanie purchase with a design I know I will wear.

Dude! I wanted to order this for a Christmas present… Really wanted the cat mitt. Is there any hope it may be available again? Or would anyone want to sell me their mitt???

Got this box today… Can’t believe I spent $30 on it. Waste of money.

totally agree

I’m on the fence about it. I like the shirt and oven mitt. The plush was a nice stocking stuffer for my kid. I liked the (cardboard) Groot ornament. The hat was too small for my giant head, so that part was a waste for me.

Read and heed the reviews. Truly a waste of money. The only difference between the Big Crate and the Cheapskate Crate is the plushie (and the oven mit, which honestly isn’t very good. I could still feel the heat–too much for comfort–through this mit, pulling a casserole out of the oven). I literally received the exact same everything in both Crates. I do think the plushie was my favorite out of everything. Everything else is going in the trash or to Goodwill. :frowning:

What about the beanie?

No, mystery bags/boxes haven’t been a Woot strongpoint in recent years, but I felt that they were much clearer on what one should (or shouldn’t) expect from these.

Several other Wooters have expressed interest in the mitt itself. And like me, probably won’t be using it as a mitt, so heat isolating properties are not a concern. So maybe at least consider that route first?