Big Daddy Driver Weed Wacker

Funny, yes, but I don’t know if the country club would appreciate the favor.

A very cute idea but the power provided by AA cells isn’t really sufficient to make this thing useful.

Really ??? 2 AA that won’t cut nose hair

Here it is in action

Wow rich white males will dig this.

It’s a novelty item. It’s not meant to trim grass, but create a few laughs with your golfing buddies.

It should be a 4 cycle gas engine!

Rodney Dangerfield would have been proud to own it.

$47 on there, too, with $5.95 shipping.

novelty yes, most certainly

My dad’ll get a good laugh with this thing.

Besides. My “girl toy” runs real well on 3 triple A’s!!

I’m sure the golf club will work wonders for the golf club rough. LOL

Ahhh…gotta love racism!

It’s 6 AA, not 2. Might cut a few blades of grass.

You don’t think Tiger would like this?

Everyone knows that an iron works much better than a wood for cutting and trimming! Just ask Bill Murray (Caddyshack).