Big Fish Wall Art

Perched is my favorite, strangely enough. But then again, I have a throw rug it would match. What’s your favorite?

Jackson Pollock is the most epic artist of our lifetime.

Really? Couldn’t pay me to hang this stuff in my house.

Really? This stuff again, Woot? Am I the only one living in a depressed economy about to go over the fiscal cliff? How do enough people buy these to justify the price, even at a “discounted” $100? If it obviously took a lot of effort or was a one-off, maybe. But I just don’t see it. Can someone who buys one tell me why it was worth it to you?

So…they’re really going to stick with Myrtlewood Street, Hollywood Street, Nicholas Street and Rodney Street being major Philly thoroughfares, huh?

They’re not, Big Fish. Sadly, they are not. You make phillystyle sad. :o\

Feeling the same way. Camac is an alley and only know that because my brotherinlaw lived on it.

Why not buy an identical throw rug and hang it on the wall?

I’ve got to go along with the others here and sport my McKayla “not impressed” face here. I doubt I’d buy any design here on a $12 shirt.woot, much less as a ~$100 piece of art.

As for those commenting on Philly streets, never having visited not living anywhere near; the only street I could name offhand is South Street. I don’t see that, though it could be buried in that muck.

Maybe for $10-20 I’d spring for a poster version if I ran a small restaurant featuring NY pizza, Chicago dogs, or Philly cheesesteak or whatnot. But for this price I could probably decorate a small cafe with locally themed photos, sports memorabilia, transit maps, etc.

That Chicago one is just a mess. Neighborhood names, a few downtown streets, an expressway, an architect’s name, a couple of “L” lines (The Purple Line? Really?)…why not just throw the word PIZZA in there somewhere while you’re at it? It would make about as much sense thematically.

the wootbot comment pisses me off for St. Louis. It’s dangerous after dark? really? That is the best you can come up with? shirt.woot used to be based in StL and you decide to slam the city. Thanks. These prints look like they were either run over a few times or were from a typography I class. No thank you.

The “Streets of DC” item seems especially interesting; if there’s a street name on the thing, it must be pretty well hidden. And there seems to be an entry for “Jefferson Monument,” known in these parts as the Jefferson Memorial. At least I recognize the National Zoo.