Big Flappy Bird

P is for Pixel.

Select the second picture, hover over it, then click like mad. HE’S FLAPPY! (Without the screaming about hitting a pipe.)

What no pipe? Different neighborhood, I guess ; ) Always a cheerful sight though.

I always assumed big bird was unable to fly do to his weight and the fact that his wings were more arm than wing.

This flappy bird don’t fly.

Nice bird legs.

This is what Woot takes for dailies these days? grimaces Eeech… How awkward and sad. :frowning: Then again I totally didn’t get the clown shirt they had recently aside from oh-hey-a-celebrity-had-a-hand-in-it. :confused:

I couldn’t agree more. Every day, I check Shirt.Woot for the dailies and almost every time I think to myself, “why are they even selling this? You mean people will actually wear this?”

“Well, there certainly seem to be an unusual number of people here (Japan) from Ohio.”
If you don’t get the quote, you don’t really know Big Bird.

I guess I wasn’t a Big Bird fanatic.

Different strokes for different folks. I’m pretty certain that my shirt choices aren’t necessarily liked by other people, and I couldn’t care less. Catshirts, anthropomorphic food, kawaii, original designs … those are my preferences, but I know folks would be complaining one of the same too because it’s not what they like.

I’m your polar opposite, apparently. I’m not as fully immersed in geek culture as some people I know, but I’m comfortably treading water in the deep end, so I love stuff like this (and the Wil Wheaton clown shirt) even when I can’t afford to buy any of them.

And I don’t feel like it’s too much. I think there’s a fair balance at Woot of generally clever and artistic offerings along with the pop culture stuff. If you don’t get it (and don’t care to delve into it a bit to find out what the fuss is about), close the tab and move on with your day, mmkay?

Oh this brings back memories! I used to love playing on the Atari Big Bird Egg Catch Game. Some of those levels got really fast and hard. Somehow I still love the sound effects and music. I think I played this game the most when I was little.

I don’t care for the game this is referencing but I do love my old Big Bird game.

I completely agree. It doesn’t really have to do with the type of shirt, either—it’s just uninspired and dull. It’s based on a current pop culture joke that isn’t funny.

“Oh, it’s… sort of, crappily… based on the ‘Flappy Bird’ style, without paying attention to the whole game’s aesthetic…? And because Big Bird is also a bird, it’s… Big Bird, semi-‘Flappy Bird’-ized. So, it appeals to the crowd of people who are wild about ‘Flappy Bird’ who… may not even know the character it’s supposed to be, because it barely resembles them. That’s… great? Print it? Let’s do this, I guess?”

It’s going to look dated far sooner than later, and is essentially on the level of the 3 for $10 kitsch T-Shirts you’ll find at a CVS or Walgreens.

Someone who has a perfectly healthy love of game reference shirts, and who considers themselves a tremendous Muppet fan.

The folks at the Workshop had the correct parody up a long time ago:

That gave me a laugh. Thanks.

It would be hard for people to recognize this as a ‘flappy’ influence without the thing that pissed us off the most…

The pipes.

Yeah, it’s just an 8-bit Big Bird, nothing flappy about it. Make him blue instead of yellow, now you have a Big Bird reference for people my age to recognize.

Who cares about flappy birds anyway. It’s just a clone of a style of game that’s been around for ages. Damn kids think everything is new and amazing just because it’s the first time they’ve seen it…

If this was “Big FAPPY Bird” I’d be in for 9000