Big Game

Big Bird is not so big anymore. o.O

Lookout, childhood characters! Cheney is at it again!

What will happen to Sesame Street now? D:

Why would he kill a Chocobo? I’ve always wanted one as a pet; he should have just let me capture it :frowning:

EDIT: WHOA why did I think it was a Chocobo? I didn’t pay close attention to the feet. Proceed, kill that damn bird.

And the week continues cheerful.

Seriously, what is up with the Sesame Street free-for-all on Woot lately? Did everyone revert to being 5 years old and I got left out?

lol, what is the dog doing? Shouldn’t it be pointing at the bird?

I bet he’s already got Snuffy on his wall…

Sadly, only Big Bird could see it.

This is just wrong… and sad… and disturbing… and part of me wants to get one…

Wondering to myself how much Buffalo sauce it’d take to do up those wings…

Sherlock Holmes is a jerk. J-E-R-K. Jerk.

This shirt is brought to you by the letters U, S, F & W. Also, the number 7.

that’s for killing Batibot

If you put your ear to the shirt and get real quiet, you can hear the ghost of Jim Henson crying.

Second hunting themed shirt in a row…

Why’s the dog there? The design would have been a lot cleaner without it. I like the idea, but that ruined it for me somehow. :frowning:

“B” is for buckshot, that’s good enough for me…

Did he miss with an earlier errant shot, and take a chunk out of the moon (located at approximately 8:37)?

I suppose that is completely possible, since we all know the moon is made of green cheese.

The moon looks seriously impressed with the shot, meanwhile the dog is thinking “Are you serious, that is one Big Bird, oooh my poor neck.”