Big Heart Tea Company Sampler (7)

Big Heart Tea Company 7-Pack Loose Leaf Tea Sampler
Sold by: Wine Country Connect, LLC
$44.99 $70.00 36% off List Price
Big Heart Tea Company Loose Leaf Tea, Chai, 1.8 oz
Big Heart Tea Company Loose Leaf Tea, Fake Coffee, 2.7 oz.
Big Heart Tea Company Loose Leaf Tea, Cup of Sunshine, 1.8 oz.
Big Heart Tea Company Loose Leaf Tea, Royal Treatmint, 1 oz.
Big Heart Tea Company Loose Leaf Tea, Edith Grey, 1.5 oz.
Big Heart Tea Company Loose Leaf Tea, Calm Yo’ Tummy, 1 oz.
Big Heart Tea Company Loose Leaf Tea, Cup of Love, 1 oz.

im sorry but $45 dollars for 7 tea bags is insanely over priced especially for woot

Printed to order?

Please keep in mind that this is for Loose Tea, not tea bags… Totally different tea experience.

If you add everything up and do some math it is about $66.56 per pound

Unless I did my math wrong that is crazy expensive. I buy whole leaf loose tea for $5-6 per pound at a Korean grocery store and it kicks ass… totally different tea than this but still, y’know.

That Sunshine stuff curdles my stomach just thinking about it but if you like Weird Tea you should probably buy this because this is about as weird as it gets.

I’m a Tea Drinker and I approve this message

It is difficult to take some of these prices seriously.

Bring back WINE WOOT with good prices on good wine.

This Gourmet tab is is ridiculously overpriced. Is anyone pressing /buy ?!?

WOOT: 0 x any price = $0…

Basically, wait for it to show up at a discount store for 2 dollars a box… Then the whole sampler would be $14.

Hey woot, usually when someone has an idea THIS bad, you know, like grossly overpriced stuff replacing good wine; that idea is brought to a business and a product line by someone with an MBA. Is that what happened here? The charm in the old woot, the woot I guess the MBA wants us to forget, was its funkiness, the randomness, the REAL sense of humor. I am a grown-up professional process analyst as well as a grandfather, so I know that mess and change happens, but I have to tell you the MBA killed something that was beautiful. That apparently is what MBA’s do. PS I have a Masters degree too.

One bag actually has tea…one. The other concoctions I can simulate from my spice shelf, if I went temporarily insane. Tea? Indeed!

I have to agree with all the other comments. Big Heart Tea is for those that think price equals quality. It doesn’t. They price this tea for conspicuous consumption.

You’re mistaken: it’s for those who think the stuff in those packs equals tea.

You guys have obviously never been in a Teavanna store! Starbucks is shutting them down after spending $620 million to buy them.

Their website has the same deal for $50. So Woot has it for $5 cheaper, then charges $5 for shipping.

this isn’t a deal. shucks.