Big Ol' Pet Sale!

Sooooo glad I bought 3 bamboo leashes and 3 bamboo collars for more than double the price 3 weeks ago UGH!

For the Firstrax Multi-Use Pet Kennel 23’ - does this open from the top? It doesn’t say so in the description, and the pictures are confusing. The middle picture does show the top opening, but the first one (with the adorable dog hanging out of it) doesn’t have the handle on top, and the third picture does have the handle, but it’s not clear if the top pops open or not. Some clarification would be greatly appreciated. I have a cat, and it would be much easier to get her in through the top opening, rather than the little gate. Thanks!

Fixed. We’re selling the single door version. Good question.

Looking at the camo leashes, it says adjustable. Is it the length that is adjustable, and how, the picture doesn’t show anything.

Please sell more IRIS playpens! We just found out we were selected from a breeder waitlist and this would be great for the new pup.

Never anything for turtles

bull hockey pucks, most of this stuff is the same price as the first time it was up for sale.