Big On The Inside

Kitty has some halitosis?

Every cat has the power to invoke Aslan! Woot Info Post
Don’t press F5. Let do it for you.

Big On The Inside [Lion-Hearted] - $10.00 + free shipping (standard) OR $5 to get it overnight (Tuesday) OR $5 international shipping shipping

1 * Lemon Woot Tee

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Indeed it does! Bad breath kitty! Watchout!


It’s cute, but the colour. Ick. Lemon yellow?

Anyone else think Lion King when they saw this? o.o

Maybe it’s just me… but I see a little smiley face on the kitties chest area.

I like this shirt design; gotta sleep on it. I will say that it reminds me greatly of one of my cats; he likes to howl SUPER loud once a day and just go bonkers.

That writeup makes me happy I have a dog.

yellow, why’d it have to be yellow?

It’s great that the artist is from Berlin, because the colors on this make me think of the German flag. Lions are especially prominent in Munich.

If it weren’t yellow I’d get one for my brother, cause he loves Germany.

In for 1. Like the color and design, excited to see the red on yellow!!

Don’t really like the color, but…

That kitty has great self esteem and/or high hopes.

No lion! That kitty means serious business.

I would have bought this if it was on white or navy. Darn…

Heh, he’s big on the inside. A legend in his own mind…

Damn! Where is my boot when I need to chuck it at a yowling cat?

Yea, yellow doesn’t go well with very many skin tones, mine included. But, oh well, I’m in for one b/c I likea deh big mowf kitteh! I has brung peace offering for da kitteh…ten dollarz.