Big On The Inside

It’s kind of hard for me to see a cat as I keep seeing a bear growling out or whatever, for a lion. It didn’t make much sense, but that’s how I see it. Even worse, the cat is a tiny little thing in the corner of the shirt. That doesn’t help for the ones with a vision impairment.

Love cats and the design though, but the bear…

While I’m a dog person, I’m still in for one. Pretty sure I have 0 yellow shirts, so not sure how I’ll look in it…but I’ll give it a shot

Ha, so many cats have this attitude.

Very nice!

I guess its bark is worse than its bite. Or in this case, its meow.

It makes me think of China! Had to have one cuz it has a kitty on it & I’m gonna give this lemon color a whirl.

I like your attitude!

Heard and seconded. If I want to look sickly to get out of doing something, maybe I should buy it!

Yes, I see a whole parade behind this lion/dragon head…a furry parade.

just be careful, the dr will want to take your blood to test for anemia. is it worth a shot?

and c’mon woot, howled? its an indy jones ref so maybe exasperates or keeping with the cat theme yowled.

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Did anyone see the title and think “Doctor Who”?

Or am I just a massive geek?

I wonder what MY patronus would look like?

Love little puttytats, love big puttytats, love all kinds of puttytats…but why in heaven’s name is this shirt yellow?! It is an established fact that I look goofy in yellow…PLEASE no more yellow shirts!

Really? You looked at this and saw a Harry Potter reference?

Don’t wear this shirt: to the Wesminster Dog Show. Obviously.

LoL My mom does dog show stuff, I think I will join her one day wearing this…

i love this shirt because i’m a Leo. this shirt goes great with Leos.

Once, when I was in training with my fellow coworkers, we had this lady instructor that we dubbed “The Cat Lady”. We called her The Cat Lady because she would always start a sentence with “Now…” , but she was old and had such a nasally accent and condescending tone to her that she always sounded like she was saying “meow”. After a day or two of this, we all would just crack up every time she would start to talk.

She started to get really weirded out, and then just really pissed off. She thought we were laughing at her- which, of course, we were. After the third day she was replaced by a different trainer and never came back.

true story.

i love the design but i don’t like the color. If there color were different i would totally get it.

Not sure about the color either, but I like the design so I went for it in a slightly larger than usual size to fit my growing pregnant belly. If nothing else, people can stop saying I’m glowing. :wink:
(Aka: Yellow doesn’t really go well with the pink undertones in my skin.)

I have a cat with the soul of a lion. I am so getting one of these shirts in his honor.

im considering buying this because its yellow.

this is a very wearable yellow shirt,

a Rarity.

that cat’s got one mighty roar of a belch going on