Big Orange Chunks

Big Orange Chunks

Left the last VoP to enter a whole new VoP. See you in an hour for the next VoP!


Another VOP for me to lurk in :frowning:

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It appeared. I clicked. I VOPed. I don’t know how I could have been any faster :frowning:


Well finally got one
Got three hours of sleep Monday 30min yesterday and kept up today because of wootoff
Now it’s too late to go to sleep before work

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Same I clicked, showed plenty left and VOP for like the fifth time today. Used to be good at this ! :stuck_out_tongue:

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FINALLY! Never thought trying to buy from my phone would work better than my laptop, but finally got one.

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I am in VoP hell. 5th time today, and clicking when 99% left at the moment when it appears!

Ahhhhhh… What size is that Weber covef

man I suck today, VoP is what I’ll see in my dreams tonight…

Congrats to the lucky peeps!


VoP is my new arch nemesis. It’s like the Hotel California of waiting rooms: you can check in, but you will never leave.

Ohh looks like the right one due to little wheel

Glad I’m not the only one who’s seemingly lost their touch! :sweat_smile:

2nd time in the vessel of puke today. I never leave until my disappointment is confirmed.

Everything for BOG I get signed out and get server error. Hate to see it.

Tried the app based on a suggestion from the other thread. Definitely changes over more quickly, but neither the app, nor the desktop version is keeping me logged in, despite checking the box to stay logged in, so there’s no way I’ll have a chance. Saw it at 100%, but by the time I logged back in, it was VoP time. :frowning:

Hoped in at 93%. VOP’d. Waited. Login page… and sold out.

Log out and log in every 20min or so

… Or every time there is something selling so slowly you know you’ll have tims

I got the birthday crap will i still be able to buy one today?