Big Orphaned Cetacea

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Bag of Crap
$3.00 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Crappy

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Nooooooooo!! I recently changed my woot password, and entered the wrong one when trying to pay. I hope that doesn’t cost me some crap.

Another BOC! Fastest email confirmation ever.

woohoo, got my second BOC finally!

Woot! Just scored my first BoC! Thanks Woot! And thanks Wootalyzer!!!

YES! Been about a year since my last one so I was due for a b.o.c. That makes 3 for me!

something must be wrong… i got in for a Bold Opulent Caliper


I got one! its been years since i’ve gotten one. eat that, people who are commuting home from work!

loading… loading… argghhhh…


In for my BOC - I hope it’s not true crap like the last one was…

I work in online advertising.

justordered=yup are the best key-values EVAR.

<3 Woot


YAY! got BOC #2

…and I (Mod note: Too much info.)

Yes, in for one!! even got my confirmation email while the carp was still up!! great job on the servers Woot!! i know you don’t hear that often, so don’t let it go to your head.

I did it again FINALLY, been a long time of frustration before I actually got in for my 2nd BOC. Yes that is NUMBER TWO and a paper bag, hope it doesn’t show up on my doorstep on fire!!!

YES! I just bagged my fourth Big Old Cootie!

I… I got one?

Oh my, this is unheard of! Did you guys upgrade the servers??

First one I ever managed to get!