Big Orphaned Cetacea

Got my second one. Can’t wait.

Sweet, got some more crap.

I did it again FINALLY, been a long time of frustration before I actually got in for my 2nd BOC. Yes that is NUMBER TWO and a paper bag, hope it doesn’t show up on my doorstep on fire!!!

Banzai!!! bitches

first baby of cosmos finally after being present during wootoffs for 4 years now lol

YES! I got one!!!

Got One!!! First Try!!

Just kidding, been trying for years! It’s a miracle!!!

I stepped in it! Yea!!!

After all these years of waiting and biding my time, I, Razmig, have finally outlasted the masses and have purchased a BOC! Bow down before me!

What the…
I kept hitting I want one and then it would load and go back to the main todays woot page… for some reason it wouldnt go past that… I clicked I want one several times and it just kept loading back to the main page???



Bowl of Cabbage #4. And late today.

First of all, finally got one so yeah for that.

Secondly, anyone notice that the servers at least at first handled the load better? I got all the way to pressing the big button before the server started lagging out on me and I think that was more the fact that it has to reload the page after your sale goes through in the background and it couldn’t pull that up due to the load.

In for my seventh bag of crap!
Looks like they have a lot of bags.

Wohooooo!!! My first BOC!!! I’ve been trying for years!! Can’t wait to see what it is … ohboyohboyohboy …

Tried on three different computers, no luck :frowning:

loading… loading… argghhhh…

Got one

FINALLY!!! After 3 years and I dont know how many woot-offs I got one! Yea Me!!

13 year old son got one on mom’s account

I successfully ordered a bag of crap and I couldn’t be crappier!